IBS Management & Consultancy Services, LLC is  accounting, financial and management consulting services located in Washington, DC. (this is one of the concepts client had to choose from)

Davis Real Estate Development Group that owns, operates, buys, develops, redevelops, and sale community centered properties located in South Carolina.

Global Advantage is a staffing firm located in South Carolina.

Cresent is a full service design/build construction company with offices located in Maryland and Washington, DC. Cresent is also an affiliate of Berkeley (see next design).

Berkeley is made up of multiple divisions, Berkeley Real Estate Services, Berkeley Calhoun and Berkeley Advisors located in Maryland.

Notch Landing provide private labeling and warehousing, fulfillment services, warehousing & storage and transportation services locatd in Maryland.

Charity Awareness Digital Magazine is an online magazine that focus on bringing awareness to nonprofit organizations located in South Carolina.

Empire Construction is a home remodeling company located in New Jersey.

KYMS Consulting offers custom, project oriented engineering, technical education, and business services located in California.

KBS Realty is a real estate brokerage firm located in New York.

360 Construction Services LLC is a Construction firm located in New Jersey.

Quote on Clothing is garment branding company located in South Carolina.

No Stupid Kids is a nonprofit organization helping kids get a better education located in Washington, DC.

Planet JD is a childrens jewelery company located in South Carolina.

Cover 2 Cover is my branding company that I decided to rebrand to what I currently have now.

DemiAmir is a business development consulting company specializing in grant-writing, fundraising, HR and nonprofit development located in North Carolina.

Banika Chandler is a personal assistant specializing in errand for the elderly and disabled located in South Carolina.

Deb Warrick is an author, poet and entrepreneur located in South Carolina.

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